Trimmer Hearing Aid

Trimmer Hearing Aid
Trimmer Hearing Aid Trimmer Hearing Aid Trimmer Hearing Aid Trimmer Hearing Aid Trimmer Hearing Aid

Trimmer Hearing Aid

Digital quality Hearing Amplifier by Clearly technology to make voices crystal clear, even at low volumes
Save a couple thousand dollars

The G-28 based a new  Hearing aid brands,is a Mini BTE Hearing Aids with NH trimmer and amazon hearing aid batteries size 13.
small Best Hearing Sound Amplifier with 
 NH trimmer MINI BTE Aid for the Moderate to Severe Hearing loss right Ear and Left Ear deaf people


• Less Visible,Lightweight and Comfortable,
• Super Efficient Power Consumption
• Good performance,One hearing aids batteries A13 Zinc air battery good performance 280+ hours
• Easy one finger operation
• Active Digital Noise reduction
• Fit comfortably for Right and Left ear , Small Light-weight design
• Noise Reduction
• Feedback cancellation


1.Peak OSPL 90 ( dB SPL): 130dB
  HAF  OSPL 90 ( dB SPL): 120dB
2.Peak  Gain(dB) : 45dB
  HAF/FOG Gain (dB) : 40dB
3.Frequency range(Hz) : 500-4500Hz
4.Distortion :
   800Hz :  2.5%
  1600Hz:  2.0%
5.Equivalent Input Noise  (dB): 28dB                              
6.Battery size : 13A,2 mA. 1 battery working for 30 days(280-300 hours)

In The Box

• 1 Premium wireless Hearing Amplifiers
• 1 Compact carrying cases
• 4  Different size ear buds for a good fit and comfort
• 1 Cleaning brushes 
• 1 Hearing aids size 13 batteries
• Easy to read instructions

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Advanced Digital Sound Amplifier Hearing Aid Device

Terms and Conditions:

Payment terms: Paypal,Western Union,MoneyGram,T/T available

Lead time: 2-5 days 

Shipping way: DHL/FedEx/TNT/UPS,or By air,by Sea-shipping

Warranty:1 years and lifetime free service

Skype: roger.cctv


Adsound Tips:

New zinc-air hearing aids batteries need oxygen to provide power. They get this oxygen when a small sticker on the back of the hearing aid battery is removed, exposing the zinc inside the battery to air, and activating the battery.       Fit the hearing amplifier into your ear canal deep enough for effective use.

 If you hear beeps in your hearing aid, the item ran out of batteries. Please purchase a new Hearing Aids  Size 13 Zinc Air Batteries for continuous use. 

It is designed doesn't have an "OFF" switch, Just keep the battery compartment open.


One-Year Warranty. Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed !

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