Bluetooth Hearing Aid

Bluetooth Hearing Aid
Bluetooth Hearing Aid Bluetooth Hearing Aid Bluetooth Hearing Aid Bluetooth Hearing Aid Bluetooth Hearing Aid

Bluetooth Hearing Aid

This model G-25BT is a top sale Earsmate Bluetooth Hearing aid online with the rechargeable battery and the Usb Recharger Advanced Digital quality OxSound Amplifier.

Hearing aids with Bluetooth technology use today's wireless technology to help all the hearing impaired users to easily stay connected to iOS and Android phones, televisions, tablets and other favorite audio devices.

This new Bluetooth hearing aid amplifier G-25-BT is built with the latest wireless bluetooth technology to adapt easily for all adults,seniors and elderly's hearing loss.With the bluetooth technology,the hearing aid can connect to the iOS and Android phones, televisions, tablets and other favorite audio devices by the bluetooth paired for phone calling,music and TV watching.

With the unique modern blue, doctor and audiologist designed "CE and FDA Approved"for mild to moderate hearing loss.

Key features:
1.Product size:10x16x48 mm
2.Weight:6.8 g
3.Max. saturation sound pressure level(SSPL):120dB±5dB
4.Full on Acoustic Gain:F=1600Hz,45±5dB
5.Total Harmonic Distortion(THD):F>800Hz ≤3%; F<1600H ≤5%
6.Frequency Response:400-4500 Hz
7.Equivalent Input Noise:≤28 dB
8.Battery:Lithium battery
9.Battery Current Drain:2 mA
10.Estimated Battery Life:≤ 60 Hours
11.Rated Voltage:D.C 5V


G25BT SPEC.jpg

Bluetooth hearing aid G-25-BT Advantage: 

  • * This bluetooth rechargeable hearing aid amplifier is simple and user-friendly. It runs with high quality rechargeable battery, literally lowering the lifetime expenses on battery in the long run. Its great battery offers around 60 hours continuously using after a fully charged in 4-6 hours.

  • * The G-25-BT bluetooth hearing aid amplifier is comfortable for fitting the right and left ears. It has a digital mode tone quality for low audio distortion and clearer voice. It also has a noise reduction feature that helps the user hear with maximum clarity.

  • * The high quality rechargeable Lithium battery is environmental friendly and energy save with the 500 times rechargeable Battery Life

How to contact the blueooth Hearing Aids manufacturer?

Bluetooth Hearing Aid Rechargeable Pair for Seniors Adults and TV Music Mobile Phone

Advanced Earsmate Digital Sound Amplifier Hearing Aid Device

Terms and Conditions:

Payment terms: Paypal,Western Union,MoneyGram,T/T available

Lead time: 2-5 days 

Shipping way: DHL/FedEx/TNT/UPS,or By air,by Sea-shipping

Warranty:1 years and lifetime free service

Contact online: Whatsapp 0086 185 65 775544


What Questions Should I Ask Before Buying A Hearing Aid?

Before you buy a hearing aid, ask your audiologist these important questions:

  • What features would be most useful to me?

  • What is the total cost of the hearing aid? Do the benefits of newer technologies outweigh the higher costs?

  • Is there a trial period to test the hearing aids? (Most manufacturers allow a 30- to 60-day trial period during which aids can be returned for a refund.) What fees are nonrefundable if the aids are returned after the trial period?

  • How long is the warranty? Can it be extended? Does the warranty cover future maintenance and repairs?

  • Can the audiologist make adjustments and provide servicing and minor repairs? Will loaner aids be provided when repairs are needed?

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