rechargeable cic hearing aid in ear canal

rechargeable cic hearing aid in ear canal
rechargeable cic hearing aid in ear canal rechargeable cic hearing aid in ear canal rechargeable cic hearing aid in ear canal rechargeable cic hearing aid in ear canal rechargeable cic hearing aid in ear canal

rechargeable cic hearing aid in ear canal

Newest rechargeable CIC Hearing Aids for 2018 with Rechargeable Battery Hearing amplifier In Ear

About the Products:

The new hearing aid G-17 from Great-Ears is said to be “the smallest rechargeable hearing aid built-in Lithium battery which can last work up to 40 hours by full charge”. It’s a ready-to-wear hearing aid that is invisible in-the-canal (CIC) and adapt the newest technology to enable users to hear clear sound through both ears. It is also the “world’s first invisible rechargeable solution for deafness” with self factory technology.

This model G-17 is a self factory R&D, unique tiny design only 1/2 inch size in 2018 with the In Ear style for adults hearing loss right Ear or Left Ear.This models have the high quality amazon Rechargeable hearing aid Lithium batteries,due to the low circuit consumption,has the super long last working for 35+ hours by a full charging 6-8 hours only.


Key Features:

★Sound MAX output: 118 dB
★Peak Sound gain: 45 dB
★EQ Input noise:  26 dB
★Total harmonic distortion: ≤5%
★Sound Frequency range: 300-3800Hz
★Built-in rechargeable battery, working 30-40 hours
★Power supply: DC1.5V  3.5mA(US,EU,UK Plug types optional)
★Low Current: ≤2mA
★Power off/on switcher
★1-Year Warranty
★FDA,CE Certificates Approval



1.Factory R&D,unique design in tiny size

2.Rechargeable Ready-to-use hearing device

3.Crystal Clear and loud sound amplifier

4.For adults People Young and elderly mild to moderate hearing loss

5.Low rechargeable battery drain and super long last 30-40 hours

6.High quality Rechargeable Lithium Battery with 500 times re-charge life

7.With power on/off switch to save energy and extend hearing aid life

8.Tiny size only 1/2 inch hearing aid body



1/2 inch hearing aid with built-in Lithium battery,tiny as the finger tip size

Packing including:
1 x Color Paper box
1 x In Ear Hearing Aid
4 x Ear Domes to fit most Ear size
1 x Cleaning Brush tool
1 x Power charger
1 x Compact carry box
1 x User Manual

Who can use this In Ear Rechargeable Hearing aids?
1. The G-17 Newest Rechargeable hearing AIDS are suitable in adults either ear.
2. This Hearing Aid is an OTC hearing device for people with Mild to moderate hearing loss.


How to fitting the new hearing aids?

1st week:

Wearing the hearing aid 1-2 hours each day to re-hear and distinguish different voice at home slowly,like read at the book room,chat with families,watching TV etc,,Please do not loss heart even if some voice you can not hear.

2nd Week:

When the 1st week past,you will supprise to hearing more voice and clearer than before.

Then,you can wear the hearing aids and walk to the garden or forest,and stay at the quiet place and try to hear the voice by birds or insect

3rd week:

Now,you can go to the public place as usual,adjust the hearing aid volume level to find the suitable sound.It’s time to Enjoy the Great Hearing and nice sound,but do not keep for too long time.

4th week:


You are fitting the new hearing aids successfully.

You can go anywhere you want,do whatever you want,

go for travel,sightseeing,shopping,dancing etc..

Enjoy the nice life by the Earsmate Hearing Aid


Advanced Earsmate Digital Sound Amplifier Hearing Aid For Nice Hearing And Life

Terms and Conditions:


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